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From 600's to 700's Within 5 Months!


Joe Tucker


Hello Everyone,


My name is Joe and Will Roundtree was my Credit Mentor at the Jay Morrison Academy. Will is the greatest and he’s the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Personal Credit and Business Credit. I would also recommend his E-book, “The Road To Credit Success”, if you want to learn how to repair your Personal Credit by yourself. I went from a high 600 score to a very high 700 score within 5 months. I’m now working on my Business Credit and was approved for over $50,000 dollars within two weeks. Starting this month, I’m officially starting my real estate investing business and will begin buying as many assets as possible. So definitely hit up Will if you want to learn anything about Personal or Business Credit. Also, Will has a great assistant in Marshell, she is also knowledgeable and always answers questions. So set up a consultation and prepare to enter the 700 club!!! Thanks.

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