Frequently Asked Questions

Why is There a Fee? Aren't Most Consultations Free?

Our services are in high demand and we want to ensure that those who are the most committed to taking positive financial action receive our immediate attention. Therefore; we have set a fee to differentiate.

What is your primary method of payment?

For your convenience, we have integrated booking and payments through our website.

I have strong personal credit; may I have a business credit consultation instead?

Yes, absolutely! Please secure an appointment today. A description of the session can be found on the ‘Home’ page.

I have 50 negative items reporting which includes bankruptcy, an eviction, and student loans in default. Can you still help me?

Yes, we can! In fact, we love addressing, such cases. Please secure a Personal Credit Consultation so we can support you.

What will happen during the consultation?

Please see a detailed description of our most popular consultations on the ‘Home’ page.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for a Consultation?

You will need

  1. A current credit report (showing all 3 credit bureaus) obtained within five days of your appointment from a credible credit reporting company.
  2. A telephone to speak with our Credit Specialist.
  3. Laptop/Computer to view your credit report along with the Credit Specialist.

How long does credit repair take?

Good credit repair should not exceed one year. However, you may see the bulk of improvements within six months depending on how many items you have reporting and the severity of each.

Do you have access to tradelines?

Yes. Please email support@WeManagementInc.com for more information.

If I, (or a loved one), was incarcerated and never established credit. Can you help?

Yes! We do help people with no previous credit history. Those who have been incarcerated are no exception.

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