Credit Expert Will RoundTree

"I know what it's like to be told no because I had bad credit. I learned how to get to yes and I can help you get there, too. Credit is King and I invite you to join the club."


In 2005, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from the Midwest with little money, yet big dreams. Very quickly, I learned the importance of credit after receiving denials to lease apartments. My negative credit history forced me into homelessness and sleeping in my car.


Fortunately, I remained connected to my hometown support system and an important mentor while I was facing challenges in a new city.  I'll never forget my mentor’s phrase, “Eventually credit will become the new dollar.” In fact, I attribute my determination to improve my credit to the advice I received from back home, which still fuels my passionate fire for helping people build strong credit.


Realizing that I would never change my circumstances unless I repaired my mistakes, I began to diligently educate myself about personal credit.  Additionally, I took courses on credit laws, regulations, operative standards, and more.  Now, I'm the founder of WE Management Services and a FICO Certified Credit Consultant with over a decade of experience.  WE Management Services has helped thousands of families restore credit, purchase property, own vehicles, get credit cards, and obtain business credit.  I'm proud to say that we also give back to our community by offering pro bono services for churches, non-profits, and low-income families.


My determination to rise up out of a negative situation and learn every aspect of credit has taken me to places I couldn't even imagine when I was living in my car. I was privileged to be called upon to play a prominent role in supporting lead credit workshops after the 2008 Nevada housing crash.  Also, the knowledge that I've gained has given me opportunities to share this wealth in the media. I have appeared on Vegas Life TV to speak about real estate, the television series Homes Sweet Home, and several local radio talk shows. In addition, I have been fortunate to become an in-demand speaker offering quality, realistic guidance to audiences across the country. Wherever I appear, whether on television, radio, in large crowds, or leading intimate workshops, I endeavor to impart the keys that gave me my freedom from debt and deliver great content with practical solutions.


My journey from desperation to knowledge, and the professional stature that enables me to give back compelled me to write about demystifying credit and creating wealth strategies. In December 2016, I released my first book, Credit is King: Transforming Your Credit to Royalty.


I invite you to take your own journey to financial health through the services we offer and the knowledge that I am pleased to share.


Thank you for visiting and I hope that we will have a chance to work together soon.






Will Roundtree